Clean Code

Book “Must-Read/Hear”

I love books by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob). His books, like Clean Code and the idea of Software Craftsmanship, have deeply influenced me.

As a recap of the book, I heard six lessons. Uncle Bob has a very energetic presentation style, and the lessons contain many practical examples. The lectures will cover topics like the following and many other exciting:

  • Why is software quality so important? The average person uses a software system every sixty seconds (smartphones, smart and electronic IoT devices, cars, Etc.).
  • Is 85% code coverage the right measurement? In his opinion, 85% means that 15% of the code maybe work. Robert Martin relativizes that only the development team can value the quality of 100% test coverage. Code Coverage is only a limited metric for managers.
  • To get discipline in software development, e.g., write the unit tests first. Uncle Bob compared it that the handwashing steps of a surgeon.

Youtube: UnityCoin Clean Code - Uncle Bob / Lesson 1