Organic Oil Manufacturer

Ethereum Dapp example.

It illustrates the supply chain from the farmer to the customer as a smart contract.

Business Story

The organic farmer Bob produces exclusive rapeseed oils. Bob presses the oils in a nearby rapeseed mill. Afterward, he sells the oils at the farm shop. The oil is bottling in one-liter bottles, and each bottle has a unique identity code. Farming and the Harvest store (selling) are separate concerns. When Bob plans to produce oil, he harvests one or more fields and transports the seed to the mill. The mill pressed and bottled the oil. Bob will do all administrative stuff for the mill. This example shows the possibilities of tracking of products like wine, beer, bread, or products in chemical or pharmaceutical industries. It tracks the products from the field to the customer. The example has one primary essence and two production steps.

Organic Oil Manufacturer DApp