Intel NC2

Computervision Pipeline Intel NC2 Gaze Control is a Pyhton project at the Udacity Nanodegree Intel Edge AI for IoT Developer. This project controls the mouse using the gaze by creating a computervision pipeline. The pipeline detects the face and gives the head pose and the eyelocations. [Read More]

My Star Blockchain

A Ledger in Javascript

This Example implements a HapiJS Restful Services that register coordinations of stars. The services run on a NodeJs Services and use LevelDB to persist data. A simple massing Blockchain Services entirely in Javascript.


Star Notary Service

Ethereum ERC-721 Star Notary Service allows you to create stars with coordinates in the Ethereum Blockchain to save. This application is a demo application, which the functionality of a DApp demonstrated. The functionality of Solidity and interaction with Javascript. The application implements the Ethereum ERC-721 Token Standard as a Solidity Smart Contract. [Read More]

Javaland 2024, Nürburgring

A Java Software Development Conference In April, the German Java conference took place at the Nürburgring. It was a new and great experience. It was the first time that I did not have to plan a trip to learn about on-site software development. [Read More]